A family of 10 finds a long-term home in Central Auckland

Published: May 18, 2020

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A real estate agent acting on behalf of the owner of a beautiful sun-drenched home in Hillsborough, Auckland, approached MSD earlier this winter with the opportunity to lease the four-bedroom investment property for use as long-term public housing.

The location was ideal, with local schools, green spaces, a bus stop and neighbourhood shops all nearby.

Housing New Zealand stock in the area was in short supply, so adding to the stock was an added bonus.

Community Housing Provider Monte Cecilia was approached to see if they were interested in taking on the home, and they jumped at the opportunity. They knew of a family that it would suit.

The family of 10 had been living in transitional housing for 10 months, as finding a home that was large enough to suit the family and all of their needs had been a challenge. Their move also freed up their existing transitional housing home for another family in need.

The family was happy to finally move into permanent housing and start making the home their own.