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Invitation to Partner released

Published: May 18, 2020

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has released an Invitation to Partner (ITP) on the Government Electronic Tender Services (GETS) website.

Government Electronic Tender Service

The ITP is an invitation to registered Community Housing Providers (CHPs) to submit an application to join a panel of Public Housing Providers. Completing the ITP will allow CHPs to ‘opt-in’ to the Public Housing Strategic Partner Panel, and confirms their capability and capacity to supply new housing places or services.

The ITP will remain open for four years. CHPs can submit an application to join the Public Housing Strategic Partner Panel at any time while the ITP is open.

The ITP is part of a new 2-stage procurement process, which will simplify the process, and make it easier for CHPs to apply for funding.

More information on the new 2-stage process