Tracking progress – latest Public Housing Quarterly Report now available

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has released the latest Public Housing Quarterly Report and Public Housing Regional Factsheets for March 2019.

“The Housing Register shows public housing supply and demand for the quarter ending March 2019,” says Acting Deputy Chief Executive, Strategic Purchasing, Andrew Plant.

“Along with the registered Community Housing Providers, Housing New Zealand, and our other key partners, we are making great progress in increasing housing supply, and finding places for people to call home,” he said.

Key take-outs from the March 2019 report are:

  • 1357 families and individuals came off the Housing Register and into permanent homes
  • Over the past quarter the internationally-acclaimed Housing First programme helped 199 more long-term homeless people into permanent homes
  • Transitional Housing also increased by 585 places for the year to March, bringing the total number of places throughout the country for families without permanent housing to 2,697
  • The Housing Register grew by 3 per cent or 355 households to 11,067 in the three months to March, compared to a 12 per cent increase last quarter
  • Over the past quarter the number of public housing places available rose by 255 to 68,280 – an increase of 1698 homes over the past 12 months for families in need.

While the housing need continues to grow, we are rapidly building more houses and increasing the number of support services available for those with complex issues.

You can read the March 2019 Housing Quarterly Report and the March 2019 Public Housing Regional Factsheets on the Follow Our Progress page, or the Minister’s announcement on the Beehive website.

From next month the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will be releasing headline public housing figures monthly. The Ministry will continue to release the more detailed Quarterly Report every three months.

Published: May 18, 2020