Tracking progress – latest Public Housing Quarterly Report now available

Published: May 18, 2020

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has released the latest Public Housing Quarterly Report and Public Housing Regional Factsheets for December 2018.

“The Report shows public housing supply and demand for the quarter ending December 2018, and also provides a glimpse at what was achieved in 2018 as a whole,” says Deputy Chief Executive of Public Housing Supply Scott Gallacher.

“It shows that together with registered Community Housing Providers, Housing New Zealand, and our other key partners, we are making great progress in increasing housing supply, and finding places for people to call home.

“With their efforts, dedication and support, in 2018 we:

  • brought on an additional 1,658 public housing places;
  • provided an additional 6,324 people with a place to call home;
  • increased the number of transitional housing places by 768; and
  • housed 345 people through the Housing First programme.”

You can read the December 2018 Housing Quarterly Report and the December 2018 Public Housing Regional Factsheets on the HUD website or the Minister’s announcement on the Beehive website.