Through the action plan, more support will be provided for individuals, families and whānau experiencing homelessness to move as quickly as possible into stable accommodation and access wider social agencies. Some individuals, families and whānau require more support to navigate through the system of organisations and services designed to help.

Support actions

Pilot a rapid rehousing approach

Rapid rehousing is an intervention to support transitionally homeless individuals and whānau to quickly exit homelessness, return to permanent housing in the community and maintain their tenancies in order to avoid a return to homelessness. This service is designed to support a system wide intervention to move individuals and whānau away from homelessness and into long-term housing. Funding will provide public housing places and housing in the private market, to people who are homeless with low to medium complex needs, together with support services, through a lower intensity Housing First type approach.

Expand support to all people in emergency housing

When people are homeless and living in motels or other emergency housing, they need the right support to get back on their feet and ready for stable housing as soon as they can. Expanding support to people in emergency housing will place the individual, family and whānau and their needs at the centre, wrapping support around them and providing flexible options, rather than focusing on one element of support such as health.

Introduce housing broker roles

The Ministry of Social Development will provide a new housing broker service to build connections with local landlords and property managers, promote MSD clients as potential tenants, and match them with housing opportunities in the private rental market. This service will give people a better chance of securing tenancies and help more people gain homes in the private rental market, reducing the risk of homelessness and the need for emergency housing.

Better prepare people for private rental

It’s often difficult for people on low incomes or in emergency housing to be chosen as tenants and gain a home in the private rental market. The Ministry of Social Development is funding a programme to help people gain skills and credibility to be a successful long-term tenant and give landlords more confidence to offer tenancies to those who have completed the programme.

Published: June 3, 2021