System Enablers

Preventing and reducing homelessness, requires everyone to work together to respond to the different challenges faced in communities around New Zealand. Immediate and long-term actions will focus on building the capability and capacity of the workforce and improve data and information on homelessness.

System enabler actions

Create a local innovation and partnership fund

This will create a fund to support the development and implementation of local initiatives to respond to and prevent homelessness and enable agencies and community organisations, Iwi and wider community partners to work together on initiatives to address system gaps and improve support or prevention tailored to needs in that area.

More on the Local Innovation and Partnership Fund

Build capacity and capability of Māori providers

Māori housing providers – Housing First providers, Community Housing Providers and other Māori community groups housing and providing support to people experiencing homelessness – are a key element of an effective homelessness response. Initiatives are in development to build capacity and capability of Māori providers and services working with Māori experiencing homelessness and will work alongside actions to increase housing stock.

Enable and support Kaupapa Māori approaches

To reduce Māori homelessness, Māori organisations must be supported to take kaupapa Māori approaches to develop and deliver services to achieve Māori housing and wellbeing outcomes. A key component of the system-wide response to homelessness will be a focus on improving outcomes for Māori and providing opportunities for Māori-led actions.

Ongoing involvement of people with lived experience of homelessness

People with lived experience of homelessness have unique first-hand insight into homelessness and incorporating this insight is critical in designing and implementing an effective and responsive system and services. An ongoing platform of engagement with people with lived experience will provide insight and voice within our policy, evaluation, design and delivery work on homelessness and will ultimately help to deliver a more effective response to homelessness.

Improve evidence and data on homelessness

We need to improve our understanding of people experiencing homelessness to tailor interventions and ensure they are having a positive impact. Actions implemented as part of the action plan will be monitored, reviewed, evaluations and reported on regularly to understand if and where progress is being made. Progress reports will be made public every six months. 

Published: June 3, 2021