Creating Positive Pathways

Creating Positive Pathways (CPP) is a trial initiative to house people leaving prison and support them to reintegrate back into their community. This trial is being run in collaboration with Ara Poutama Aotearoa (Corrections) and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

This cross-agency initiative recognises the need for agencies to work together to meet the needs of highly vulnerable populations. It intends to show how stable housing can have a positive impact on the achievement of longer-term outcomes, such as reduced reoffending rates.

The CPP trial also seeks to better understand the housing and support needs of different individuals to enable them to sustain housing and achieve positive outcomes, such as entering and maintaining employment.

Support for people leaving prison

CPP is for people who leave prison with no access to stable housing and are at high risk of re-offending and experiencing homelessness.

Participants will be soon-to-be or recently released from prison, and:

  • have served a long sentence (more than two years) or have had frequent interactions with Corrections
  • are assessed by MSD as being eligible for public housing
  • have completed or are completing a Corrections reintegration activity.

The service uses similar principles to Housing First, recognising that it is much easier for people to address complex needs, such as mental health and addiction, once they have a stable place to live.

A trial approach

The CPP trial will run for 4 years to support a reduction in re-offending and an improvement in positive long-term outcomes for participants.

The trial will provide 250 additional public housing places to support access to stable accommodation – with approximately 125 in Auckland and the remainder split between Northland and Wellington. Wrap-around services will be provided to help people achieve their individual goals and aspirations.

The trial began in Auckland in August 2018, in Wellington in March 2019, and in Northland in July 2019.

Published: June 3, 2021