Increasing public housing

HUD funds and partners in initiatives across the housing sector to deliver more public and transitional housing.

A growing need for public housing

Housing in general is in short supply and rental prices are rising. New Zealand's most vulnerable individuals and families are among those most affected.

Public housing is a vital part of New Zealand's social support system. It provides individuals and families with a warm, dry, safe place to live.

Public Housing is owned or leased by Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities or community housing providers, and is tenanted by people who are eligible.

Our Public Housing Plan

Our 2018 Public Housing Plan sets out how and where we'll fund more public and transitional housing.

Public Housing Plan

The Plan shows the importance of our government, Crown and sector partnerships in achieving our goal.

We’re developing a strategic partnering model to guide how we'll partner with other agencies and providers to meet public and transitional housing demand.

Partner with us

Transitional housing

We're also working with the housing sector and social service providers to increase the number of transitional housing places that are available. These places are for people in urgent need of a place to stay.

Transitional housing

Public Housing Register

The Public Housing Register, which is managed by the Ministry of Social Development, shows a growing number of people are in need of public housing.

The Register records applicants who are:

  • eligible for, but not currently in, public housing, and
  • ready to be matched to a suitable property.

The Register helps us understand:

  • who needs public housing
  • where the housing is needed, and
  • what housing is needed.

Public Housing Register

Published: September 12, 2019