The Local Innovation and Partnership Fund

As part of the development of the Aotearoa/New Zealand Homelessness Action Plan and through work with the Sector, the Government has made $16.6 million available for the Local Innovation and Partnership Fund (the Fund) over three years to support local initiatives to respond to and prevent homelessness.

Local Innovation and Partnership Fund - Closed 16 October 2020

Round one of the Local Innovation and Partnership Fund has now closed. Following assessment, the outcome of applications will be notified in writing to all applicant.

Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga - Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will share details for on the second funding round once a date has been confirmed.

Supporting and enabling local approaches is a guiding principle of the Homelessness Action Plan and the Fund. All communities around New Zealand are different, with their own distinct challenges and aspirations. Local leadership is essential to respond to local needs and drivers of homelessness. Local communities are already involved in developing innovative and locally responsive approaches to homelessness.  The Homeless Action Plan has identified the need for additional funding opportunities to support communities in their actions to reduce homelessness.

What is the purpose of the Local Innovation and Partnership Fund?

The Local Innovation and Partnership Fund aims to:

  • support the development and implementation of local initiatives that respond to and prevent homelessness 
  • enable and support community organisations, local government, Iwi and wider community partners to work together on initiatives to address homelessness 
  • support innovative ways of working to address homelessness, address system gaps and improve responses tailored to needs in local areas
  • support functional zero (ending or reducing the most acute forms of homelessness) approaches to street homelessness and/or reduce reliance on motels
  • fund wider homelessness projects where a community identifies a need that is currently not being responded to, or where existing support is not adequate.
  • enable locally designed innovative initiatives to be funded, planned, and implemented in a local area.  Initiatives should propose new ways to respond to local causes and drivers of homelessness that may not be addressed by existing national policy, programmes or operations.   

The Local Innovation and Partnership Fund also reflects the following principles of the Homelessness Action Plan:

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi: the government’s role as a Treaty partner is to get Māori where they want to be
  • Whānau-centered and strengths-based: focused on improving the wellbeing of whānau and addressing individual needs within a whānau context, community and connection to place
  • Focus on stable homes and well-being: looking past the short-term approach of providing an immediate crisis response to providing long-term sustainable housing solutions
  • Kaupapa Māori approaches: delivering actions in a way that embodies kaupapa Māori principles and ensuring delivery in line with those principles and ways of working which includes partnering with Māori and enabling Māori self-determination
  • Supporting and enabling local approaches: Supporting local communities to address the housing and homelessness issues they face in ways that respond to their different needs
  • A joined-up approach across agencies and communities: Addressing homelessness using true partnerships, collaboration and systems of support and housing.

Published: January 22, 2021