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Become a public housing partner

Partnering with us to deliver housing supply and services involves a two-stage gateway process. This page outlines our procurement process to support our funding work with partners of all sizes.

Become a registered Community Housing Provider (CHP)

Before you can partner with us to supply housing, you must register with Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA).

Gateway 1: Partnership

This first gateway identifies — and establishes the capacity and capability of — partners that we can work with (if you’re ready to do business).

Partners and potential partners must apply in response to an Invitation to Partner (ITP) which is advised and available on the Government Electronic Tender Service.

The ITP allows partners to:

  • confirm or demonstrate their capability and capacity to supply new housing places and/or housing-related services, and
  • join our panel of partnered providers.

Our role

  • market engagement and basic project communication
  • initial evaluation and selection of partners
  • providing clarity to sector and industry development objectives.

Gateway 2: Project

This second gateway applies when projects are identified by partners (scheme/project-specific).

To apply for project funding, Providers must fill out the relevant sections of the Application for Funding and the CHP Financial Model. Before filling out the Application for Funding, Providers must complete Gateway 1 and be on the approved Panel of Providers. Applications from those who are not on the Panel will automatically be declined.

These documents were updated on 2 October 2020. Please use these versions for future applications. These changes are improvements based on our experience with providers since the original forms were developed.

Value for money

Our value for money evaluation for new supply projects is based on:

  • ability to deliver — there is capacity and capability to deliver and add value
  • fit for purpose — the new housing/service is the right type in the right place to meet demand
  • financial viability — the project/scheme is financially viable for the contract period
  • price — the proposal compares well against industry benchmarks and offers value for money.

A full description of the Value for Money framework is provided in Appendix 3 of the Application for Funding.

Published: September 16, 2021