Partner with us

HUD uses a strategic partnering model to guide how we partner with other agencies and housing providers to meet demand.

The model promotes a collaborative approach to:

  • delivering better outcomes for New Zealanders, and
  • encouraging partnerships with other agencies and providers, with a focus on increasing public and transitional housing supply.

With this model, we aim to increase the supply of housing, support people with services to help them sustain suitable housing, and build better lives.

As a result of this new model, we'll be:

  • making changes to how projects are funded
  • providing a contracting framework, based on a relationship agreement
  • offering a two-stage ('gateway') procurement process.

Becoming a partner

Our procurement process, which involves a Partnership Gateway and a Project Gateway, has been designed to establish a broad base of supply capability and capacity.

Becoming a public housing partner

Become a community housing provider

To become a registered community housing provider, you must apply to the Community Housing Regulatory Authority.

Community Housing Regulatory Authority

Register as a Work and Income supplier

You need to register with Work and Income if you’re a supplier of goods or services, and you want to receive payments from the Ministry of Social Development.

Register as a Work and Income supplier

Published: June 3, 2021