MAIHI Ka Ora Strategy

MAIHI Ka Ora breaks down the problems facing Māori housing, puts in place actions that will help solve those problems, and timeframes to make sure we get the work done to improve housing outcomes and wellbeing for whānau.   

MAIHI Ka Ora has been codesigned with Māori in the housing sector. It demands that both Māori and the Crown work together in genuine partnership over the next 30 years to achieve our shared vision 

MAIHI Ka Ora and Te Tiriti o Waitangi 

The new strategy is an expression of the articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  

The strategy sees the Government using its levers (Article one) to enable Māori-led local housing solutions (Article two), so Māori housing aspirations are achieved.  

If the Crown and Māori work cohesively together, the strategy will provide oritetanga (Article three), equity. Over the next 30 years, our Māori Crown partnership will look to make changes that will improve the housing outcomes for future generations of Māori, their whānau and their mokopuna. 

MAIHI Ka Ora priorities

In partnership with Māori, we have identified the immediate and short-term challenges facing Māori housing.  

To ensure that our strategy addresses these challenges as well as working for long-term change, we have identified six priorities and corresponding goals that will help us progress to our overall vision.  

Priorities  Goal 
Māori Crown partnerships   We are working in a partnership where the Crown and Māori achieve balance through a collaborative work programme that strengthens housing solutions for whānau.  
Māori-led local solutions  Māori are leading and providing local housing solutions for whānau.  
Māori housing supply  The number of Māori owned homes, iwi and hapū owned houses meet the needs of all Māori.  
Māori housing support  Whānau have better access to effective support that enables them to attain and maintain their preferred form of housing.  
Māori housing system  The system supports Māori to provide Māori-led housing solutions.  
Māori housing sustainability  Whānau are supported to achieve housing solutions on their whenua, that enhance their mana. Māori can sustain a connection to their own land through housing, which is innovative and responsive to the effects of climate change.  

MAIHI Ka Ora and the Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development

We have developed the strategy alongside the Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development (GPS-HUD) to ensure they are both cohesive and consistent in their approaches, actions, and aspirations for a better housing system.  

This will ensure that it is not just the Māori housing strategy that delivers for Māori – but that the entire system is better positioned to deliver equity and equality across the housing continuum that places whānau at its centre.   

Published: March 11, 2022