Māori and Iwi Housing Innovation - Framework for Action

Supporting iwi and Māori to find and keep safe, secure, healthy and affordable housing is essential to reducing the numbers of Māori becoming homeless.

Kei aku iti, kei aku rahi, tēnā tātau. E kī ana te kōrero, he kura kāinga e hokia, he kura tangata e kore e hokia, tēnā tātau e whai nei kia whakatinana i tērā whakaaro, he whakatū kāinga ka ora ā haere ake nei.

Te Maihi o te Whare Māori – Māori and Iwi Housing Innovation (MAIHI) puts Māori at the heart of the Aotearoa New Zealand's housing narrative, acknowledges the history of Māori housing and responds to these needs through kaupapa Māori approaches.

MAIHI sets a precedent for working in partnership with Māori and was developed with input from key partners across the Māori housing community. MAIHI requires that Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga - Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will work collaboratively across government through a single door approach to increase housing supply that attends to whānau needs, prevents homelessness and works to improve Māori housing security. In addition, opportunities to partner through housing projects that connect skills, training and enterprise will realise the value of long-term sustainable outcomes for whānau and their communities.

Increasing Kaupapa Māori Capability in the system

Enabling a responsive system requires housing supply to meet housing demand. Building the capability of whānau trusts and Ahuwhenua trusts, iwi, and registered Māori housing providers is continuously developing so that future consequences are anticipated and responses are planned. Collaborating and partnering will help us to shape the system in a way that is effective for all.

Building capability to deliver Māori housing contributes to thriving whānau and communities

Kei a tātau te ara tika | The answers are within us

At the heart of our focus for Māori housing aspiration is the desire to start with a strengths-based approach through recognising ‘Te Mauri o te Whānau.’

Whānau have access to a warm, dry and safe home with security of tenure appropriate to their circumstances;
Whānau have connections to the services they need to be able to sustain their housing; and
Whānau have the opportunity to fully participate in their community.

We are committed to supporting Māori housing capability to partner with the Government’s housing programme. We seek to address the high number of Māori experiencing homelessness with urgency, through working in partnership with communities to accelerate support.

Published: June 3, 2021