Stage one - the Crown’s policies in relation to Māori homelessness

Stage one of Wai 2750 will cover the Crown’s policies relating to homelessness. The Māori and Iwi Housing Innovation (MAIHI) - Framework for Action is the overarching framework underpinning the Crown’s approach to stage one.

The Waitangi Tribunal has decided that the first stage of Wai 2750 will be on the Crown’s policies (and other matters) that relate to Māori homelessness. Māori responses to these matters will also be looked into. There are four areas that the Waitangi Tribunal will focus on:

  • Crown obligations in regard to Māori homelessness
  • formulation of Crown policies relating to Māori homelessness 2009-2020
  • Crown policies relating to Māori homelessness 2009-2020
  • response of and outcomes for Māori from Māori homelessness policies.

Policies covered in stage one

There are many policies that will be covered in stage one. These include:

The Waitangi Tribunal may also look into what changes may be needed to make the Crown comply with the Treaty, if it finds the Crown has done anything that breaches the principles of the Treaty.

The Waitangi Tribunal’s findings and recommendations will be included in a report for stage one.

What happens next

The Waitangi Tribunal has confirmed that Stage One of Wai 2750 will have three hearing weeks.

In the lead up to these hearing weeks, there are other milestones that the Crown, claimants and the Tribunal will be meeting, including filing evidence and making opening submissions.


Key milestone

22-26 March 2021

Hearing week one – claimant evidence

17-21 May 2021

Hearing week two – technical and interested party evidence

21-25 June 2021

Hearing week three – Crown evidence

Published: June 3, 2021