Public housing reports archive

An archive of public housing quarterly reports, regional factsheets, and monthly updates. 

Public housing - Quarterly report progress

The housing quarterly report tracks progress, and shares data on:

  • public housing and transitional housing supply
  • homelessness programmes, and
  • other housing support.

Each housing quarterly report provides us, and the housing sector with a clearer picture about:

  • the people who need warm, safe, and sustainable housing, and
  • the movement of people through the public housing system.

Public housing quarterly reports

Public housing regional factsheet

The housing regional factsheets provide a closer look at housing in New Zealand’s regions. The factsheets complement the housing quarterly report.

Each factsheet provides the housing sector with a localised view of:

  • the progress we’re making to bring on additional supply, and
  • how we support people with their housing and accommodation.

September 2020 quarter

June 2020 quarter

March 2020 quarter

December 2019 quarter

September 2019 quarter

June 2019 quarter

March 2019 quarter

December 2018 quarter

September 2018 quarter

June 2018 quarter

Public housing monthly updates

We produce the housing monthly updates, as a regular indicative pulse-check on public housing in New Zealand. The monthly update is a subset of the information provided in the housing quarterly reports.

This includes details about:

  • applications on the Housing Register
  • the supply of Public and Transitional Housing, and
  • people receiving housing related assistance.

Housing Register

The monthly dashboard also keeps track of the progress being made to deliver around 6,400 more public housing places by June 2022. About 1,600 places each year on average will be delivered by Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities and Community Housing Providers.




Published: January 22, 2021