About KiwiBuild

The aim of the KiwiBuild programme is to increase the supply of modest and affordable homes for first home buyers. It does this by providing developers with support through underwriting the sale of homes in a development and/or providing access to land. In return developers:

· can speed up residential property development and get more houses on the market

· change the type of houses being delivered to include more modest, and often higher density, homes at more affordable price points

· provide first home buyers and second chancers with the first opportunity to purchase KiwiBuild homes.

KiwiBuild aims to complement, rather than compete with, the private residential housing sector. The Government partners with private developers, local councils, infrastructure providers and Māori and mana whenua to deliver KiwiBuild homes.

All KiwiBuild homes are new builds, so they are modern, warm and dry.

Find out more about KiwiBuild, including where KiwiBuild homes are available, how to buy a KiwiBuild home, and how to register your interest in building a KiwiBuild property if you're an experienced residential property developer at www.kiwibuild.govt.nz(external link).