Public Housing Funding Review 2019

The review of subsidised housing expenditure was commissioned by Government in 2019 to get a deeper understanding of the cost to deliver public housing and options for more cost-effectively funding public housing.

  • Work was commissioned in 2019 to review the costs, government expenditure and value in the delivery of public housing.
  • HUD is committed to delivering safe, warm public housing for New Zealanders at pace and the Public Housing Funding Review was commissioned to support the future development of housing.
  • The attached Public Housing Funding review drew on information from Community Housing Providers, Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities and other government agencies to assess delivery costs and performance using the types of metrics that are used overseas.
  • The review highlighted the challenges with assessing the costs and value of public housing and housing-related services given the different sizes and types of developments, regional variations and range of tenant circumstances.
  • The findings in the review will be used to inform housing policy and help shape Government responses to housing needs.  Updates on the use of data will be linked to this site.
  • The Ministry has taken steps to strengthen the data it holds which will support further analysis in the future.
  • The Ministry thanks all Community Housing Providers and those consulted for their positive contributions to this work.

Published: May 18, 2020