About the KiwiBuild Unit

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The KiwiBuild Unit was set up in December 2017 to deliver the Government’s KiwiBuild programme. The unit works with developers and other stakeholders to facilitate supply and demand.

Working with developers and stakeholders

We are responsible for identifying and leveraging opportunities in the development industry to procure KiwiBuild dwellings.

We also investigate innovative approaches to addressing current constraints within the development sector, including alternative financing approaches and construction methodologies.

Our responsibilities include:

  • coordinating and supporting the delivery of KiwiBuild homes through the planned redevelopment of public housing land, alongside new public and open market homes
  • scaling up the building of KiwiBuild homes on vacant or under-utilised Crown-owned land
  • accelerating private developments by purchasing (or underwriting) new affordable homes off the plans
  • investigating major greenfield and urban redevelopment projects, so they can be progressed swiftly by the Housing Commission (once it's been established)
  • working with councils, iwi and private developers.

Working with eligible KiwiBuild buyers

The KiwiBuild Unit provides the guidelines and criteria for potential KiwiBuild buyers, oversees the eligibility and pre-qualification processes, and the balloting of available homes.

We manage communication and information dissemination with the KiwiBuild database, and assist developers in the marketing of available homes.

Our responsibilities include:

  • managing eligibility, pre-qualification and ballot processes for KiwiBuild buyers
  • related policy development
  • monitoring
  • compliance.

Contact us

If you would like more information or have a general enquiry about KiwiBuild —

Email: info@kiwibuild.govt.nz

Phone: 0800 521 107

Media enquiries

For media enquiries only —

Email: media@hud.govt.nz

Phone: 027 442 2141

October 1, 2018