Tiriti o Waitangi - Treaty of Waitangi obligations

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Our commitment to, and obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi — Treaty of Waitangi apply to our negotiations and other joint opportunities to work on homes for Kiwis.


The Tāmaki Makaurau Collective Redress Deed was signed in 2012 between the Crown and Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau (Ngā Mana Whenua).

The Deed provides that where the Government intends to develop Crown land subject to the Right of First Refusal in that Deed, a Housing Protocol applies.

The Housing Protocol, administered by HUD, stipulates that Ngā Mana Whenua (through the Whenua Haumi Roroa o Tāmaki Makaurau Limited Partnership) must be offered the first opportunity to be the developer under the same terms and conditions as would apply to the private sector.

A Housing Mahi Ngātahi Agreement with Ngā Mana Whenua, which is inherited by the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), applies to these negotiations and other joint opportunities to work on housing.

Other regions

The KiwiBuild Unit has agreements with iwi in other regions, including in Kaipara and Queenstown, where Crown land identified for housing is subject to Treaty settlements.

HUD will also inherit these agreements and is open to similar negotiations in new regions where KiwiBuild houses will be delivered.

October 1, 2018