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Buying a KiwiBuild home is almost exactly the same as buying a home on the open market. You will need a deposit and to prove to a bank or lending institute that you can service a mortgage. If this is you, the next steps are easy.

First check you’re eligible. If you are you will need to fill in an online application. The best time to do this is when you’re ready to buy.

Once you’ve successfully completed the pre-qualification stage, you can enter a ballot for the home, or homes, that you would like to buy. You can enter as many ballots as you like but you can only win one ballot.

Homes are offered for ballot at different stages of construction. Some people may wish to buy a home off the plans which means you secure the home, and then move in once it is completed. Others may choose to wait to buy until the homes are completed or nearing completion. It’s completely up to you when you choose to enter a ballot for a KiwiBuild home.

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The KiwiBuild home buying process

Path to affordable homes

1. Check if you're eligible

The first step in the buying process is to check if you're eligible to be part of the KiwiBuild programme.

KiwiBuild homes are for aspiring first home buyers and second chancers.  You'll find the definition of a second chancer in our eligibility section, but it's someon who is in a similar financial situation to a first home buyer.

Check if you're eligible

2. Ready to buy

Once you’re ready to buy, and you know you’re eligible for a KiwiBuild home, you need to fill in an online application to prove you meet the KiwiBuild requirements. This is called pre-qualification and once the KiwiBuild team confirms your pre-qualified status, you can enter ballots for KiwiBuild homes.

Your pre-qualification will remain valid for six months, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the system and the documentation you will require, and apply only when you see a KiwiBuild home you would like to buy.

The pre-qualification process is separate from entering a KiwiBuild ballot for a home

Pre-qualification process

3. Enter a ballot for a KiwiBuild home

Once your pre-qualification is confirmed, you’ll be able to enter ballots for available KiwiBuild homes. While you can enter the ballot for as many homes as you wish, you can only win one ballot.

The balloting process involves further checks to ensure you meet all the requirements for the particular home you're interested in.

Available homes

4. The opportunity to buy a KiwiBuild home

The KiwiBuild ballot system is a digital, randomised process and every applicant who enters a ballot has the same chance of success.

If you win a ballot, you will be provided the developer's contact details and you can begin the regular Sales and Purchase process.

Successful applicants will be required to sign a Deed of Covenant to ensure they intend to own and live in their KiwiBuild home for at least three years.

Download the Deed of Covenant

The location of KiwiBuild homes

At least 50,000 KiwiBuild homes will be built in Auckland to help meet the growing demand for housing in our biggest city.

Outside of Auckland, our initial focus will be on areas with high housing demand and affordability pressures, such as:

  • Wellington
  • Hamilton
  • Napier-Hastings
  • Queenstown-Lakes District
  • Tauranga
  • Whangarei District, and
  • Nelson-Tasman.

The cost of KiwiBuild homes

The price of a KiwiBuild home is determined by the developer; however, it must be the price must be within the maximum price caps that have been set by the Government.

Auckland and Queenstown-Lakes price caps

1 bedroom, studio or 1 bedroom+ study $500,000
2 bedrooms $600,000
3 or more bedrooms $650,000

Rest of New Zealand

The Government is looking at ways to further break down this price cap based on typology and regional variations.

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October 1, 2018