Accessing PHO funding

Funding is now available to eligible providers with a new or existing PHO product through the Progressive Home Ownership Fund.

To receive funding, organisations must become an approved PHO provider and submit a plan for how they will deliver their PHO scheme. They can do this by responding to an Invitation to Participate in their chosen pathway.

Becoming an approved PHO provider

To become an approved PHO provider, organisations must show that they have:

  • a sound financial situation
  • good governance practice
  • sound organisation processes
  • designed a viable PHO product
  • financial institutions willing to work with the product
  • the ability to work with households.

Submitting a delivery plan

A delivery plan must include:

  • the type, number and location of the dwellings requiring PHO funding to purchase or develop
  • evidence of demand to participate in their PHO scheme
  • the amount of funding required
  • estimated delivery timeframe
  • drawdown milestones and estimated timeframe for reaching those drawdown milestones, and
  • what security the organisation intends to offer for the loan.

Published: July 2, 2021