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Purchasing a home through PHO

Through the PHO Fund, individuals, families and whānau will be able to achieve better wellbeing, health, and education outcomes through secure tenure in newly built warm, dry, and safe homes that meet their needs.

The Progressive Home Ownership Fund aims to help:

  • lower to median income households who are unlikely to buy a home without a reasonable level of financial and non-financial support, and 
  • at or above median income households who cannot get a large enough deposit together to buy a home due to high rents and fast-growing house prices, and/or have insufficient income to service a low deposit mortgage at current house prices. 

The PHO Fund aims to address housing affordability for three priority groups:

  • Māori
  • Pacific peoples, and
  • families with children.

Eligibility for the PHO Fund

Applicants must:

  • be legally able to buy a home in NZ (or married to or in a civil union or de facto partnership with someone who is legally able to buy a home in NZ)
  • have a household income before tax of no more than $130,000, (with an exception for multigenerational households)
  • be a first homeowner or a second chancer
  • be required to commit to occupy the home bought as their principal place of residence for at least 3 years.

In addition to the general eligibility criteria above, providers can apply their own eligibility criteria for their scheme(s).

Accessing progressive home ownership

There are two ways individuals, families and whānau will be able to access progressive home ownership (PHO) arrangements:


Individuals and whānau will be able to access the Fund through PHO providers. These providers will support individuals, families and whānau with the tools they need to achieve independent home ownership.  

PHO providers will work with communities on the ground to help individuals, families and whānau start their journey toward achieving their aspirations, with a home that suits their needs.

From May 2021, we have opened the PHO Fund to more PHO providers. which will be announced later in 2021.

Direct to households

Individuals, families and whānau at or above median incomes will also be able to access progressive home ownership arrangements directly from government, through a Shared Ownership arrangement offered by Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities. This will be available later in 2021.

PHO is already helping New Zealand families

Transcript of PHO video


Tony: The best thing about owning our own home is having a place to call home. Having somewhere where our children can always come back to when they grow up and they decide to have their own children.

Tonya: If we were to go and rent again we would just be starting all over again. We've moved out of so many properties because they've been sold and had to restart, restart. Over and over again.

Tony: It's very difficult to buy a house. In any area, in and around where we were brought up. So we're from Manukau and in this area here, Flatbush it's just way too expensive.

Tonya: Since we've been together we've rented four different houses and we've never actually settled and been stable in a house. It's always been packing up and moving packing up and moving. I've been really worried because every time you move we've had to change our daughter's school. She's never got the stability that she should get in her education.

Tony: So do you guys know where your bedroom is going to be? I think your room is going to be up the top.

Child: No my room is right here.

Tonya: Ah that's the garage.

Tony: Owning the house for us is amazing. Owning a house in this area with the schools that are available to our children is just what we've dreamed about and it's something for them for their future and definitely an investment for us as well in the future. We couldn't have bought a house without this fund available.

Published: June 3, 2021