Tenancy Services

The Tenancy Services website provides information on tenancy and unit title matters. It offers information and guidance on your responsibilities and rights as a landlord, and as a tenant.

Information for landlords and tenants

The Tenancy Services website offers information about every stage of the tenancy process, including:

  • starting a tenancy
  • rent
  • bonds and bills
  • maintenance and inspections
  • common tenancy issues, and
  • ending a tenancy.

A range of forms and templates are provided including a pre-tenancy application form, bond lodgement form and bond refund form.

Dispute resolution

If you're a landlord or tenant and have a dispute that you can't sort out together, Tenancy Services can arrange mediation to help resolve your issue.

If you can't resolve the issue at mediation, they'll refer you to the Tenancy Tribunal, which is managed by the Ministry of Justice.

Tenancy Services

Published: May 18, 2020