Urban Development Authority — Legislation

The Government is developing new legislation that will allow nationally or locally significant urban development projects to be built more quickly, including the delivery of 100,000 KiwiBuild homes.

About the proposed legislation

Under the proposed legislation a national Urban Development Authority (UDA) will be established.

The UDA will be the Government's lead developer. It will deliver KiwiBuild and large-scale, complex urban development projects.


The UDA will be able to plan and facilitate these projects, and would seek to act in partnership with local government, infrastructure providers, private companies and landowners.

Where the UDA will operate

The UDA will undertake a small number of large-scale nationally or locally significant projects, such as suburb-wide regeneration like that currently underway in Tāmaki, Auckland.

Only land that’s already within an urban area — or close enough to an urban area that it might service or become part of that area in the future — will be affected by the proposed legislation.

The UDA will work with territorial authorities (city and district councils) and other development partners to identify urban development projects, and would consult the public before granting the relevant enabling powers.

Potential benefits

Potential benefits of the proposed legislation include:

  • more effective, large-scale quality urban development that connects homes with jobs, open spaces and transport links
  • better integration between land use and transport systems
  • increased planning certainty and incentive for developers to participate in large-scale urban development
  • increased access to private sector investment in urban development
  • better return on public sector infrastructure investment.

Policy decisions are under active consideration about the possible enabling development powers for the UDA, as well as the appropriate checks and balances.

Public announcements will be made after policy directions are finalised.

Public consultation

In February 2017, the Government sought feedback on the proposed new legislation. Consultation closed in May 2017 and 350 submissions were received.

Urban Development Authorities consultation.

October 1, 2018