Housing and related service providers

Care in the Community

The Care in the Community response is led by Ministry of Health and you can find information on the Care in the Community framework here:

Caring for people with COVID-19 in the community | Ministry of Health NZ(external link)

When someone tests positive for COVID-19, the local Public Health team assess what support they may need to self-isolate and will connect them with local providers. In the case of one of your residents testing positive, the local Public Health team will talk to you about what you need to do.

There is information on the support available for people who test positive here:

Care in the community, support if you get COVID-19 (covid19.govt.nz)(external link)

People needing support can call the COVID Welfare Phone Line on 0800 512 337.

Testing for COVID-19

Rapid Antigen Tests are now widely available to the public. People who need a test can request free COVID-19 testing kits here and collect them from their local collection centre.

Request a RAT | Ministry of Health NZ (covid19.health.nz)(external link)

It is important to note that rapid antigen tests are 80% accurate and you should continue to follow your COVID-19 safety plan limit the risk of transmission and keep your residents, staff and their whānau safe. We encourage you to talk to your staff about your plan and listen to any concerns they have about continuing to work if they are a close contact or working with colleagues who are close contacts. For example, you could consider whether it is possible for close contacts to work remotely or in a location that is separate from their colleagues and your residents.

If any of your staff do test positive, you can find information on what to do here:

Guidance for workplaces that have a case of COVID-19 | Ministry of Health NZ(external link)

More information about other Government guidance and support

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