About Long-term Insights Briefings

Long-term Insights Briefings (Briefings) are a requirement of the Public Service Act. They’re designed to provide the public with: 

  • information about medium and long-term trends, risk and opportunities affecting Aotearoa New Zealand at least ten years into the future; and  
  • options for how we might respond. 

Long-term Insights Briefings must be published every three years. The requirement to publish a Briefing is a statutory responsibility of departmental chief executives, independent of ministers.  

Find out more about the process for developing Long-term Insights Briefings on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website(external link). 

Our Briefing

We have consulted on our draft Briefing, which looked at the long-term implications of Aotearoa New Zealand’s ageing population for our housing and urban futures.   

Our consultation document looked at least 10 years ahead. It outlined the significant changes we expect to see in our population as the ‘baby boom’ cohort ages, birth rates decline, and life expectancies extend.   

This ageing pattern will be persistent, increasing the numbers of seniors in our population as well as changing the composition of our population.   

The key themes explored in this consultation document were:  

  • Housing tenure and housing costs – ensuring we have affordable accommodation options with security of tenure for the increasing number of people who will rent into retirement. 
  • Housing stock and houses - ensuring we have a diverse housing stock that caters to the functionality that seniors require to continue to live independently. 
  • Neighbourhoods, towns, and cities - ensuring we design, develop, and redevelop our places in a way that makes it easy for seniors to access all the amenities they need to support their wellbeing. 

We consider how the ageing population affects housing outcomes for:  

  • Māori 
  • Pacific peoples 
  • seniors 
  • young people 
  • people ageing with a disability.  

We have also looked at how different regions are affected.  

Next steps

Consultations on the content of the Briefing have now closed.  

Feedback from the consultation will be used to prepare the final Briefing, which we expect to publish in early 2023.   

If you’d like to get in touch about the Briefing email LTIB@hud.govt.nz