About the Progressive Home Ownership Fund

The $400 million Progressive Home Ownership Fund offers approved progressive home ownership providers funding via a 15-year interest-free loan.

Organisations can apply for funding to establish a new progressive home ownership programme, or expand an existing one, via two pathways:

  • the provider pathway for private organisations with housing experience
  • Te Au Taketake for Māori and iwi organisations.

About the Provider pathway to funding

The Provider pathway enables organisations to access funding for their progressive home ownership programmes to help individuals, families and whānau in their communities achieve independent home ownership.

This pathway offers four funding rounds per year. Funding rounds open dates between the following dates:


  • 4 July – 5 August
  • 12 September – 14 October.


  • 25 January – 2 March
  • 3 April – 10 May
  • 3 July – 7 August
  • 11 September – 13 October.

You can contact our PHO Team for information about funding rounds and applications by emailing PHO@hud.govt.nz

See more information about the Progressive Home Ownership Fund.

If you’re a Māori organisation or iwi wanting to access the Progressive Home Ownership Fund, find out more about the Te Au Taketake.