About the Progressive Home Ownership Fund

The $400 million Progressive Home Ownership Fund offers approved progressive home ownership providers funding via a 15-year interest-free loan.

Organisations can apply for funding to establish a new progressive home ownership programme, or expand an existing one, via two pathways: Te Au Taketake for Māori and iwi organisations or the provider pathway for private organisations with housing experience.

About Te Au Taketake

Te Au Taketake provides dedicated funding for Iwi and Māori organisations to develop or expand their progressive home ownership programmes, supporting better housing outcomes for whānau Māori.

Te Au Taketake reflects the Crown’s responsibility as a Treaty Partner to support pathways that enable Māori communities to thrive.

The name Te Au Taketake likens the pathway to the currents of the ocean, the dominion of Tangaroa. It acknowledges the connection between housing in Aotearoa to the traditional narrative of Te ika a Māui and the home of Tonganui. Māui, who pulled Aotearoa into the world of light when his hook caught on the top of the home of Tonganui and became the first whare of Aotearoa.

We will work with Iwi and Māori organisations through Te MAIHI o te Whare Māori the Māori and Iwi Housing Innovation (MAIHI) Framework for Action to enable them to support more whānau Māori into home ownership.

Te Au Taketake means organisations can take a flexible approach to developing and delivering bespoke progressive home ownership solutions for whānau Māori.

Iwi and Māori organisations can choose to respond to the Invitation to Participate in Te Au Taketake or the Invitation to Participate in the Provider pathway.

They can respond to the Invitation to Participate in Te Au Taketake at any time, rather than during funding rounds offered through the Provider pathway.

We will work closely with Iwi and Māori organisations on a case-by-case basis throughout the process of submitting their proposal and becoming an approved PHO provider.

Iwi and Māori organisations can contact us to discuss their progressive home ownership aspirations and request a copy of the Invitation to Participate in Te Au Taketake by emailing PHO@hud.govt.nz.

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If you’re a private organisation with housing experience and want to access the Progressive Home Ownership Fund, find out more about the provider pathway.