[image] the outside of two units

In Torbay, Auckland, a fresh batch of six homes landed on Friday, 22 March, marking a joint effort between the Bays Community Housing Trust (BCHT) and HUD. These homes were not just about providing shelter; they aimed to cultivate strong communities. The event was graced and blessed by representatives from Ngāti Pāoa iwi.

Torbay boasted a landscape decked with essential amenities - a network of schools, efficient public transportation linking the Northern Expressway to Albany bus station and Takapuna, and an array of supermarkets and medical services within a stone's throw from the new development.

Two of the HUD Housing Supply team attended the opening of the development. Guy Brocklehurst, Business Development Manager said “The new development included two blocks of two-story apartments and houses, aligning with the Public Housing Plan 2021-2024. With 136 applicants seeking refuge at the time of proposal, it was clear these homes were crucial lifeline for many in need.”

“Through partnership and purpose, we're not just building homes; we're building communities where every individual can thrive and belong.” said Jevon Upton from HUD’s Contract Management.

From singles to families, these homes catered to diverse needs. They are certified with a Homestar 6 rating, meeting the Healthy Home Standards. It was a practical solution to a pressing problem, emphasising a significant need to provide social housing for communities to thrive.

BCHT had a bigger mission than just housing. They aimed to empower tenants, promoting independence and confidence. With a rising demand for affordable housing, this project was a timely response.

Read more about Bays Community Housing Trust and the work they do on their website(external link)