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Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development

The Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development (GPS-HUD) provides a shared vision and direction for housing and urban development in Aotearoa New Zealand.

It takes a multi-decade outlook with outcomes for:

  • people
  • communities
  • the economy, and
  • our built and natural environments.

The GPS-HUD will help align the work of both government agencies and the private sector, supporting the housing and urban development system to work toward realising an enduring set of outcomes. 

It sets expectations for how Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities (Kāinga Ora) manages its functions and operations.

To ensure we can deliver the best outcomes, we have also developed MAIHI Ka Ora the National Māori Housing Strategy (MAIHI Ka Ora), which is strongly connected to the GPS-HUD through Te Maihi o te Whare Māori – the Māori Housing Innovation (MAIHI) Framework for Action.

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Published: June 14, 2021