Funding pathways

The Affordable Housing fund has two pathways, the Affordable Rental Pathway, and the Build-ready Development Pathway.

Affordable Rental Pathway  

 The Affordable Rental Pathway offers $50 million of grant funding to not-for-profit organisations to deliver newly built affordable rental housing.  

Funding is targeted in locations with the greatest need for an increased supply of affordable rental for those on lower incomes

Not-for-profits include organisations such as community housing providers, iwi and Māori housing providers, councils, and charitable trusts. 

See more details about the Affordable Rental Pathway.

Build-ready Development Pathway

The Affordable Housing Fund’s Build-ready Development Pathway helps to secure affordable housing in build-ready developments that might not go ahead without government support.

For eligible build-ready developments, where construction hasn’t started, we can l work with developers, by either:

  • purchasing land under a government land acquisition programme; or
  • prepurchasing or underwriting homes ‘off the plans’ to reduce risk for developers and their financiers, where construction hasn’t yet started.

See more information about the Build-ready Development Pathway.