The vision 

The GPS-HUD’s vision is that everyone in New Zealand lives in a home and a community that meets their needs and aspirations. 

The four main things it sets out to achieve are: 

Thriving and resilient communities 

The places where people live are accessible and connected to employment, education, social and cultural opportunities. They grow and change well within environmental limits, support our culture and heritage and are resilient.  

Wellbeing through housing 

Everyone lives in a home, whether it’s rented or owned, that is warm, dry, safe, stable and affordable, with access to the support they need to live healthy, successful lives.  

Māori housing through partnership 

Māori and the Crown work together in partnership so all whānau have safe, healthy, affordable and stable homes. Māori housing solutions are led by Māori and are delivered locally. Māori can use their own assets and whenua Māori to invest in and support housing solutions.  

An adaptive and responsive system 

Land-use change, infrastructure and housing supply is responsive to demand, well planned and well regulated.  

How we're going to achieve it 

To implement the GPS-HUD, we need to break down the work into shorter term goals. We identified four connected action areas that set out the most important things that need to be done over the next three to four years.  

Reduce barriers to building  

We’ll do this by: 

  • ensuring planning and regulation settings allow more houses to be built 
  • making funding for housing, urban development and infrastructure more sustainable and accessible  
  • partnering with industry to increase the performance of the construction sector. 

Build more homes where people need them  

We’ll do this by: 

  • building and sustaining MAIHI and place-based partnerships 
  • increasing housing supply through urban development 
  • continuing to build public housing at pace.  

Help people into affordable homes 

We’ll do this by: 

  • helping more New Zealanders own their own home 
  • increasing the supply of quality, affordable rentals.  

Help people in urgent housing need 

We’ll do this by:  

  • continuing to deliver the Aotearoa Homelessness Action Plan 
  • reforming the emergency housing system.