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Kāinga Ora–Homes and Communities (Kāinga Ora) was established on 1 October 2019 as a new Crown agency to transform housing and urban development throughout New Zealand.

Kāinga Ora has two key roles 

  • being a public housing landlord 
  • partnering with the development community, Māori, local and central government and others on urban development projects of all sizes. 

Factsheet: Kāinga Ora [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Infographic: Kāinga Ora [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Visit Kāinga Ora at www.kaingaora.govt.nz

How does Kāinga Ora relate to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development?

Kāinga Ora and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development have complementary and interdependent roles.  

The Ministry is responsible for leadership in the housing and urban system, advising the Government on strategic direction and for Kāinga Ora, policy advice, and monitoring the system including Kāinga Ora, purchasing public housing places and regulatory oversight. 

Kāinga Ora is the Government’s primary housing and urban development delivery arm, focused on providing public housing principally for those most in need, and initiating or undertaking urban development

More information

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has released all Cabinet papers about Kāinga Ora. In these documents you can find out more about the advice and decision-making processes behind the creation of Kāinga Ora.

Cabinet papers and related documents

For more information on Kāinga Ora or the Urban Development Bill please email your enquiry to info@hud.govt.nz

Published: May 18, 2020