Immediate and longer-term supply actions will focus on increasing our supply of different types of housing, with a focus on working with Māori Community Housing providers and other Māori and Iwi providers.

Supply actions

Urgently increase supply to reduce the use of emergency accommodation

We are working to urgently increase the supply of transitional housing places to reduce the use of emergency accommodation, such as motels. Motels are not a suitable environment for vulnerable families and individuals, and they are not cost effective.

Support Māori Community Housing Providers and other Māori and Iwi providers

Māori Community Housing Providers, and other Māori community housing services, are a key element in a national approach to reducing homelessness experienced by Māori. Support will be made available to increase the number of Māori housing providers and support them to increase their housing stock (transitional housing and long-term or permanent housing).

Published: June 3, 2021