Public Housing Plan

The 2018 Public Housing Plan sets out the Government’s plans for increasing public housing supply across New Zealand over the 4 years to June 2022.

About the Plan

The 2018 Public Housing Plan builds on and replaces the 2016 Social Housing Purchasing Strategy.

It sets out the Government’s plans for responding to the needs of vulnerable people affected by a shortage of housing, and for ending homelessness.

The Plan provides updated information about where, how many, and what type of additional public housing places are planned over the next 4 years to June 2022.

Additional public housing

Our aim is to secure around 6,400 additional public housing places — or 1,600 places each year on average — across New Zealand between July 2018 and June 2022.

This will bring the total number of public housing places in New Zealand to 73,628 by June 2022.

Increasing public housing

Partnering with the housing sector

We’ll work with Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities and community housing providers to bring on as many additional public housing places as possible within the available funding.

The Plan is a starting point for conversations with the housing sector and any other parties interested in helping us to bring on this additional supply.

Our strategic partnering model

We’re developing a strategic partnering model that will guide how we partner with other agencies and housing providers to meet demand.

The model promotes a collaborative approach to delivering better outcomes for New Zealanders, encouraging partnerships with other agencies and providers, with a focus on increasing public and transitional housing supply.

Partner with us

Published: September 12, 2019