The Sustaining Tenancies service has been expanded to support over 4,650 households keep their tenancies over the next three years.

There are now thirty- three community-based providers in 10 regions funded to support individuals and whānau for up to 12 months who need help with issues that put their tenancy at risk. Support can include things like life skills coaching, budgeting advice and engagement with landlords. Where tenants need additional support, housing providers will refer them to specialist social and health services.

Sustaining Tenancies started as a trial in 2017 to support 940 people in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch who were at risk of losing their tenancy in public housing. 

When the redesign and expansion of Sustaining Tenancies was announced as part of the Aotearoa New Zealand Homelessness Action Plan, HUD received funding to provide 1,550 places per year for three years to June 2023. In response to the immediate impact of COVID-19, the programme has been accelerated in the short term, with 600 places being brought forward to year one (from year three).

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