About the fund

The fund is helping to drive delivery of a wide range of homes, in places they are needed at affordable prices, by:

  • unlocking more land for housing development, particularly in locations close to jobs, public transport and amenities
  • supporting the provision of critical infrastructure needed for that housing development
  • supporting the delivery of a wider mix of housing, for both owning and renting, that is affordable for low-to-moderate income households.

The key components of the fund are:

  • Infrastructure Acceleration Fund
  • Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities' large-scale projects
  • Additional funding for Land for Housing Programme
  • Māori Infrastructure Fund.

Related work

Other funds and programmes to support first home buyers and encourage investment in new housing supply include:

  • the Kāinga Ora Land Programme, through which Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities (Kāinga Ora) is supported to borrow $2 billion extra to scale up land acquisition to increase the pace, scale and mix of housing developments (including more affordable housing)
  • the $350 million that has already been committed to the Residential Development Response Fund which will shift from supporting construction activity and jobs through COVID-19 to focus on supporting the delivery of more affordable housing options for rent and home ownership.