The Healthy Homes Standards are being updated with improvements to the heating, ventilation, and moisture ingress and drainage standards.

One improvement is a new formula for the heating standard, that applies for modern dwellings built after 2008 and certain apartments.

The formula change recognises that these types of properties are better at retaining heat.

The heating assessment tool(external link) has also been updated to calculate the required minimum heating capacity using both the new and original formula.

Other updates to the standards include:

·       additional ways to comply with the heating standard

·       extra allowances for situations where acceptable heating was installed prior to 1 July 2019

·       changes to the ventilation standard, and

·       clarification for the moisture ingress and drainage standard.

The Tenancy Services website has been updated to include these changes. This is all available in the healthy homes section of the Tenancy website(external link).