What does the 2018 Amendment Act do?

The Residential Tenancies (Prohibiting Letting Fees) Amendment Act 2018 bans anyone from charging a tenant a letting fee.  

See the Residential Tenancies (Prohibiting Letting Fees) Amendment Act(external link) 

What are letting fees? 

Letting fees cover the cost of putting a tenancy in place, including the time involved by letting agents for things like:  

  • holding open homes 
  • reviewing applications from prospective tenants 
  • preparing tenancy agreements and carrying out the initial property inspection. 

In the past, property managers or letting agents were able to pass on these letting fees to tenants. Letting fees often came on top of other costs for tenants, such as bond, rent in advance, and moving costs.  

Information for tenants and landlords 

The Tenancy Services website has more information about letting fees, including your rights and responsibilities, and advice for tenants and landlords.  

Visit the Tenancy Services website(external link)