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About the development

The project is a large-scale urban development led by the three Tāmaki Makaurau rōpū of Marutūāhu, Ngāti Whātua and Waiohua-Tāmaki and their project partners. It is being facilitated by the Crown via Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga - Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Collective Treaty redress arrangements provide the rōpū with the development opportunity. This includes leading the detailed master planning, consenting and delivery of the new homes. High level masterplanning has been completed, and a Reference Masterplan and Strategic Framework has been published.

Reference Masterplan and Strategic Framework (PDF, 11 MB)

Map of land held by the Crown for housing at 1 – 139 Carrington Road



Auckland Council notified Private Plan Change 94, which seeks to update the Wairaka Precinct provisions (the overarching planning framework for the Carrington Residential Development project), on 16 November 2023.

Information on the proposed plan change, and how to make a submission, are on Auckland Council’s website and can be accessed at the link PC 94 (Private): Wairaka Precinct ( link)

The size of the development means it’s expected to take around 15 years to complete, but the Government is considering options to speed this up, including using provisions under the Fast-track (COVID-19 Recovery) Consenting Act.

See the Fast-track (COVID-19 Recovery) Consenting Act(external link)

See the progress on the Fast-tracked listed projects on the Environmental Protection Authority website(external link)

Work so far

Infrastructure upgrades, including to roading, stormwater, wastewater and potable water, utilities and telecommunication networks are underway.

The new roads will largely follow the alignment of existing roading within the site, but with improved pedestrian and cycling routes. Housing development is expected to start in the second half of 2023.

Types and number of homes

The site can support at least 4,000 homes, at medium- to high-density. Homes are expected to be a mix of market, KiwiBuild and affordable homes, and will include purpose-built rentals, progressive home ownership homes and public housing (including with community housing providers). The homes will be a mix of terraced houses, walk-up units and apartments.

This level of density is supported by the Auckland Unitary Plan because of the site’s location and access to transport and amenities.

The density proposed for the site will be supported by investment in public and open spaces including areas for recreation and play, improved connections between and through the site to Te Auaunga (Oakley) Creek, the revitalisation of the Wairaka Stream and the adaptive reuse of heritage buildings, such as the former Carrington Hospital.

A new primary school is also planned for the site.

See the Unitary Plan(external link)

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Traffic and parking

Around one car park per dwelling is planned for the initial stages of the development, but the project average is expected to be closer to 0.7 car parks per dwelling. The need for car parking is expected to reduce over the years as alternative modes of transport such as public transport improve. The government has invested $113 million in the Carrington Road upgrade to bring the works start date forward and improve public transport and cycling.

Find out more about the Infrastructure Acceleration Fund on the Kāinga Ora website(external link)

The site already has access to good public transport and cycling networks and is within walking distance of both Mt Albert and Baldwin Avenue Train Stations, which benefit from the City Rail Link upgrades, as well as regular bus services and direct access to the North-Western Cycleway.

Connections between the site and the southern suburban neighbourhood will be managed so that drivers cannot cut through the site to avoid Carrington Road.

Carrington Hospital and historic buildings

Carrington Hospital is a Category 1 Historic Place and will be adapted for reuse. The Pumphouse at the centre of the site will also be adapted for reuse.

Other existing buildings on the site will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as masterplanning advances.

Existing businesses

There are several businesses with different leases across the site, ranging from very short-term leases to long-term arrangements. The circumstances of each lease are different, but over time the objective is that each lease will either expire or be relinquished to allow the residential development to progress.

Environmental impact and quality

The site will have a network of high-quality open space, supported by extensive native plantings that expand the habitat of Te Auaunga/Oakley Creek. Stormwater management will be supported by a range of "green" infrastructure including swales, planted channels, and the Wairaka Stream daylighting.

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Change to working title

Please note that the Carrington residential development, was previously referred to by its working title of Unitec. The working title has been updated, but may still be present in some earlier content.

Marutūāhu Rōpū and Waiohua-Tāmaki Rōpū ‘backbone’ resource consent

The Rōpū ‘backbone’ resource consent provides for infrastructure upgrades to facilitate housing as part of the Carrington Residential Development. It comprises the decision, on notification and conditions, and the plans.

Auckland Council's notification decision on resource consent (PDF, 726 KB)

Auckland Council's decision on resource consent (PDF, 634 KB)

Approved consent plans (1 of 2) (PDF, 31 MB)

Approved consent plans (2 of 2) (PDF, 30 MB)