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Housing affordability

Housing affordability is a significant issue affecting many New Zealand families, the economy and government.

Improving housing affordability

In collaboration with other government and housing sector agencies, HUD aims to deliver a comprehensive work programme to improve housing affordability.

Our work spans:

  • the supply of land
  • the role of regulation
  • the provision of infrastructure
  • the cost of building materials; and
  • increasing skills and the level of innovation in the construction sector.

Measuring housing affordability

There are different ways we work to understand how affordable a home is. We have some measures that help us understand where renters are facing affordability barriers in terms of renting, or when considering whether or not they can afford to buy a home.

Housing Affordability Measure

Housing Accord and Special Housing Areas

Housing Accord and Special Housing Areas legislation is helping:

  • streamline new housing developments, and
  • allow special housing areas to be designated under accords between the Government and Councils across New Zealand.

The Accords set targets and actions that aim to increase the immediate and longer-term supply of land, and therefore improve the affordability of housing.

Housing Accord and Special Housing Areas

Published: May 18, 2020