Focus areas and priorities

The six focus areas and priorities in the Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development (GPS-HUD) outline the actions we need to take over the short to medium term to transform housing and urban outcomes.

Ensure more affordable homes are built

Enable urban development, deliver infrastructure and drive action to build enough homes to support everybody’s wellbeing and make homes more affordable.


  • Put in place the settings that enable more homes, and more affordable homes, to be built in the right places
  • Support place-based strategies to understand and respond to local needs
  • Support and catalyse delivery of homes through government investment and delivery
  • Support transformation of the building and construction sector.

Ensure houses meet needs

Ensure that our houses are warm, dry, accessible, and affordable to run, and meet the needs and changing life circumstances of families and households.


  • Ensure that rental houses support health and wellbeing
  • Increase supply of universally designed and accessible housing
  • Ensure buildings are resilient and resource efficient.

Enable people into stable, affordable homes

Ensure every New Zealander can live in a stable, affordable home from which they can thrive. Ensure that homelessness is prevented where possible.


  • Support people experiencing homelessness to access and sustain housing
  • Support the growth of pathways to affordable housing options
  • Ensure that renting provides people with safe, warm, dry, homes and stable housing
  • Support housing solutions with specific communities

Support whānau have safe, healthy affordable homes with secure tenure

The right to self-determine better housing and urban development solutions for iwi and Māori should be realised.

MAIHI Ka Ora the National Māori Housing Strategy (MAIHI Ka Ora) will help ensure we deliver the best housing and urban outcomes for whānau Māori.


  • Māori Crown partnerships
  • Māori-led local solutions
  • Māori housing supply
  • Māori housing support
  • Māori housing system
  • Māori housing sustainability.

Read the MAIHI Ka ora

Re-establish housing’s primary role as a home rather than a financial asset

Reduce speculative investment in existing housing stock, making home ownership more accessible for first-home buyers.

Plan and invest in our places

Ensure our neighbourhoods and places meet the needs of our communities today and are well equipped to meet long-term climate, social, cultural, environmental, and economic challenges and opportunities.


  • Plan for growth and change in places
  • Ensure infrastructure investment and planning support growth and change
  • Reduce emissions and support communities to adapt to the effects of climate change.

Published: September 28, 2021