[image] a street with housing down one side

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is pleased to release the Housing and Urban Development System Update (the Update).

This is the first progress report, for the year to June 2023, indicating how the housing and urban development system is tracking to meet the long-term goals set out in the Government Policy Statement for Housing and Urban Development (GPS-HUD) and MAIHI Ka Ora – the National Māori Housing Strategy.

As steward of the housing and urban development system, HUD has responsibility for leading this mahi and ensuring that progress is being made in meeting long-term outcomes for the system over the coming five to 10 years. The Update includes the results of work by HUD, other central government agencies, local government, iwi and Māori, housing providers and others working effectively together.

We know good progress is being made, including indications the system is creating the conditions for more homes to be built in the right places, with housing densification and affordable housing options increasing. However, it will take time to determine if any significant trends or shifts are being made to advance towards the GPS-HUD outcomes and MAIHI Ka Ora priorities.

The work will continue. It will require a focus on removing barriers to unlock housing supply, more flexible, sustainable government funds and programmes, and strong local leadership to support more effective investment in places.

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