Public housing quarterly reports

The housing quarterly report tracks progress, and shares data on:

  • public housing and transitional housing supply
  • homelessness programmes, and
  • other housing support.

Each housing quarterly report provides us, and the housing sector with a clearer picture about:

  • the people who need warm, safe, and sustainable housing, and
  • the movement of people through the public housing system.

Find past years' reports in our Documents library.


Public housing regional factsheets

The housing regional factsheets provide a closer look at housing in New Zealand’s regions. The factsheets complement the housing quarterly report.

Each factsheet provides the housing sector with a localised view of:

  • the progress we’re making to bring on additional supply, and
  • how we support people with their housing and accommodation.

Public Housing Plan

The Public Housing Plan sets out the Government’s public housing supply intentions for the next four years.

We produce a series of resources that track our progress against our targets.

Find past years' reports in our Documents library.

For monthly housing data on the Government’s housing programme, visit the Government Housing Dashboard page.